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Teamfight Tactics


Download Teamfight Tactics to form an army of your best champions. Outlast, and outplay your opponents with your elite squad ready to fight for you.

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DeveloperRiot Games, Inc
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Overview of the Game

Teamfight Tactics was developed by Riot Games. The game was also published by Riot Games, and released for macOS, and Windows in 2019. It was later released for iOS and Android in 2020. This is a multiplayer auto battler game with so many amazing features and interesting gameplay.

In this game, the League of Legends universe is used, and the game is based on the Dota Auto Chess. Players compete against seven opponents online by optimizing and constructing teams. The main aim of building these teams is to become the last one standing.

The game was first released as a game mode of the League of Legends for macOS, and Microsoft Windows in 2019. The mobile version of the game was then released as a standalone game in 2020 for iOS and Android devices.

Interesting Gameplay

It is important to note that Dota Auto Chess inspired this game as a mode in the League of Legends. This is from Dota 2, which competes with seven other opponents by building and optimizing teams. Items are also equipped, and the primary aim is to be the last one standing.

Another important thing to note is that the game consists of items and champions in League of Legends. However, the game is completely different from the other game modes of League of Legends. The major difference is that players only have control of Little Legends and not deployed champions in combats.

There are several rounds that are incorporated into the different stages of Teamfight Tactics. This consists of the player versus player rounds, shared draft and creep rounds, and the creep rounds. Before each round, 30 seconds is given to players so that they can deploy their champions, and also change positions.
There are two different matchmaking games in Teamfight Tactics, and these are normal games and ranked games. In ranked matchmaking games, there is a ranking system that allows players to compete with similar understandings and abilities.

There are nine divisions in the game; bronze, iron, gold, silver, diamond, platinum, grandmaster, challenger, and master. Bronze, iron, gold, silver, diamond, and platinum all have up to four sub-divisions each.

League Points are either gained or lost in every ranked game. However, players are promoted when they get up to 100 League Points. Players are also demoted when they lose points while at 0 League Points.

Amazing Features

Here are some of the amazing features of the game:

Star Level

The lowest star level is one-star, and this is where every champion starts from. The highest that a champion can achieve is three-star. More enhanced stats like damage, ability, and health stats are earned when a champion gets up to three stars.

Obtaining a three-star level can be done by obtaining three champions, each with two-star levels.


This is also known as the carousel, and it is this round that gives players access to different champions. These champions are equipped with combined items or base items. Shared-draft is made available before the first round of each stage begins.

Players remaining health is what determines if they can choose from a shared-draft. More priority is given to players with lower health.

Player versus Player Round

Players are randomly paired with other players in this round for 40 seconds so that they can compete. A player is randomly matched with another player from a different team. There is a 15 seconds URF overtime, which begins when fights are in progress.

Little Legends

This is an avatar in the game that deploys, recruits, expresses emotions. Little Legends also pick up golds, and other dropped items during each round. They also help the player to select champions with items in a shared-draft.

A player will completely lose a round if the Little Legend loses all its health points.


The main resource for players in this game is Gold. This item is also used in purchasing experience, and champions. Gold can also be used in refreshing all the champions you’ll find at the store.

A player can obtain golds either at the beginning of a round or by selling owned champions. Players can also obtain golds via creeps or by winning a PvP round.


The number of champions that can be deployed is determined by the level of a player’s Little Legend. This also determines the champions that will be available at the shop.


This consists of combine items, basic items, and consumed items. It can be obtained via shared-draft, or creep rounds. Items help in providing a unique effect by enhancing abilities and attacks, especially when they are equipped on units.

A combined item is made when two basic items are equipped on a champion. This will automatically combine the two basic items.

Miscellaneous Gaming Tips

Here are some handy tips:

• Champions can be sold for their gold values, and you can do this by dragging them to the purchase area.

• You’ll get the items of sold champions, and this can be reused

• You can refresh the roster of purchasable champions at the beginning of each round.

• The info cards of champions can be seen when you right-click on them. This includes their abilities and stats.

Where to Get the Game

Visit the following sites if you want to download the game on your device:

• Android: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.riotgames.league.teamfighttactics

• Apple Gadgets: https://apps.apple.com/us/app/tft-teamfight-tactics/id1480616748


Teamfight Tactics is a multiplayer auto battler game with so many amazing features. It boasts of addicting and interesting gameplay that offers unlimited fun.

Download the game now and start playing. Build formidable teams, and battle in different rounds to become the last one standing.