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Project QT


Download Project QT MOD APK and get started with the tempting anime gameplay. This game is sure to be the best mate in your lonely days.

Additional Information
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Compatible4.0.3 and up
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A Sweet Analysis of Project QT

Project QT, not at all a mission game, is perhaps a game with content not quite suitable for kids. Be ready to play a game that differentiates men from boys.

Players will be left speechless when they encounter such stunning graphics. The entire visual is designed to deliver an anime-style graphics format.

A low-end device is capable to run this game, but not recommended. Use at least a medium configuration device for best results. If possible, try taking breaks after around 30-40 minutes.

Not only gameplay and graphics, the music and soundtracks are also very appealing. You’ll be tempted to listen to some of the best handpicked ones.

Specially designed gameplay

This game is a mix of puzzle-solving, RPG and fighting genre. You play as a first-person, who is supposed to solve a puzzle.

Along with that, you get to hire a team of girls with up to 4 members in it. When the game starts, you are given a puzzle to solve.

After each move, your girls’ team will get into a fight against the opponent team. If you made a wrong move, your team will definitely get beaten up.

The correct move lets your team take on opponents efficiently. Each of your girls starts with a 1-star rating, upgradable up to 5.

Upgraded girls will survive longer, giving you some liberty in making wrong moves. Its quite interesting gameplay, so before it gets ruined by spoilers, go ahead and get started with it.

Beautiful Graphics and Excellent Visuals

First things first, boys are going to love the front-end. The graphics are high-quality, with anime girls throughout.

The color tone is quite bright, still adorable. Users must take precautions to protect their eyes by taking small breaks after around 30 minutes.

When it comes to animations, they are like the gif style. Neither rough not smooth. Overall, you’re going to enjoy this game’s graphics at the fullest.

MOD APK Features

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All the anime lovers here is a must-try game. You’re sure to keep playing it forever. The entire game is best suitable for adults especially and not for kids. However, even girls are going to love it.

Download Project QT MOD and watch the lovely and beautiful chick fight. However, there are a lot of problems with the availability of the game, so make sure you are downloading Project QT MOD APK Android from trusted sources. Download now!