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Hello Neighbor


Download Hello Neighbor to enjoy the sandbox styled gameplay with a lot of environmental physics and interaction. Play against advanced AI with new moves.

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Overview of the Game

Hello Neighbor is a survival and stealth horror game that was developed by Dynamic Pixels, a Russian video game studio. The game was then published by tinyBuild, after which it was released on different platforms.

In 2017, it was released for Xbox One and Microsoft Windows. The PlayStation 4, iOS, Nintendo Switch, and Android versions were released in 2018. Hello Neighbor is a single-player mode game.

The game offers an amazing gaming experience through its amazing gameplay. When playing Hello Neighbor, your goal is to sneak your neighbor’s basement and discover his heading secrets. This is because the neighbor constantly behaves in a suspicious manner, like someone with dirty secrets.

What’s amazing about the game is the artificial intelligence of the game. This helps in making the game more competitive for players so that they are challenged to perform better.

The artificial intelligence of the game helps to modify the behavior of the neighbor. This is with respect to the past actions of a player. The neighbor will then set traps on previously followed paths of the player in past attempts.

Awesome Gameplay

Hello Neighbor is the game of choice for people who love the suspense that comes with the horror-style game. As mentioned above, it is a survival and stealth horror game that is played in the single-player mode.

The game begins with players moving into a new apartment that is located somewhere across the street. This apartment is graced with an amazing neighborhood that is characterized by well-planned structures. In this new house, the player will notice a neighbor that is always acting in a mysterious and paranoid manner.

The player’s duty is to quietly break into the neighbor’s home with the aim of uncovering his hidden secrets. It is important to note that these secrets are in the basement of the neighbor’s house. You’re to sneak into the house without getting caught by the neighbor.

Upon successful entry into the neighbor’s home, the player would be tasked with different puzzles. You’ll be required to solve these puzzles and also collect different items to easily access and unlock his basement.

When exploring the neighbor’s house, it is important to stay stealth to avoid being caught by the neighbor. The mysterious neighbor would chase you down if he spots you. Players who are not quick to escape or at least hide would be captured by the mysterious neighbor.

One way of ensuring an easy escape is by throwing objects at the neighbor. However, the main aim is to avoid being caught by the neighbor. This is because you’ll be sent back to your house where you would start all over again.

Another amazing thing about this game is its artificial intelligence. This takes not of every move you save and saves this moves of a player’s failed attempt. The neighbor sets traps based on the moves from the last attempt of the player.

It is important to note that players can prevent the neighbor from setting traps. This is done with the help of the friendly neighbor mode of the game. Activating the friendly neighbor mode helps to prevent the neighbor from setting traps. This mode also reduces the aggression of the neighbor, but the neighbor is to be avoided no matter what.

Hello Neighbor undoubtedly offers awesome and amazing gameplay that is played in a first-person perspective. To collect, use or throw items or objects, the player must aim the reticle at those objects. For example, removing nails by aiming a crowbar at them, or throwing a ball through the window.

In Hello Neighbor, four items can be kept in the inventory space. However, stacking together items of the same kind in a single slot is not possible.

Handy Tips for Beginners

Your role in this game would be that of a busybody that’d sneak into your neighbor’s basement. The aim of this is to uncover his secret, but you have to do this without getting caught. For beginners, getting a hand of the controls might take some time.

Here are some tips for beginners:

How to Get into the House

The neighbor is always on the watch, and he will chase you down if he sees you. To avoid being caught, it is important to make use of hidden corners and walls as cover. Your goal is to get all the secrets without being caught, and staying hidden is very important.

Distracting the Neighbor

There are other ways of getting into the house, apart from hiding in corners and walls. Distracting the neighbor is another effective way of getting into the house.

For example, there’s an electrical switch on the left side of the house. Switching it on will make the neighbor curious, and he’ll go to find out what’s going on. You can quietly go into the house once he opens the door.

Using Windows

One way to get out of the house is through the window. However, this should be used as an escape and not an entry route. All you have to do is jump through the window.

Where to Get the Game

Visit the following sites if you want to download the game:

Android: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.tinybuildgames.helloneighbor&hl=en_US

Apple Gadgets: https://apps.apple.com/md/app/hello-neighbor/id1386358600

Windows ($29.99): https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/p/hello-neighbor/9nddh3r9df40

PlayStation 4 ($29.99): https://store.playstation.com/en-us/product/UP0097-CUSA10963_00-HELLONEIGHBOR4NA


Hello Neighbor is a stealth and survival horror game that allows you to display creativity. The advanced artificial intelligence of this game is rare, and something to behold. This game offers a constantly evolving gaming experience, thanks to the advanced AI.

Download the game now to enjoy the suspenseful and awesome gameplay as you sneak into your neighbor’s basement. Solve different puzzles, and collect items.