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Download Fortnite and pit yourself in battles of creativity and strategy against online enemies. Use your wits and battle techniques to take home prizes and bragging rights in this epic multiplayer game.

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A Background Analysis of Fortnite

Fortnite is an online video game created and published by Epic Games. Having been released in 2017, Fortnite when on to make over $2.4 billion by 2018. The game registered more than 10 million users within two weeks of its release.

This success was not limited to the virtual world. Indeed, Fortnite went on to become a cultural phenomenon. The emotes and dance moves were used all around the globe, and even celebrities began to endorse the game and became more popular for it.

Also, the game carried the highest gaming tournament prize at a competition in 2019.

The game was met with praise from gamer and critics alike. Some may have questions its impacts on society, but the hype for Fortnite has definitely been real.

Epic Games continued to build on the game over the years, releasing loads of additional content. Gamers were kept dutifully engaged and thrilled with the support from the developer.

Gameplay in Fortnite

The game is usually as a third-person shooter. Gameplay can shift to first-person as well, such as while looking down the sights of a rifle.

Complete with animated graphics and catchy sound effects, Fortnite tends to get you hooked in colors that pop. The display is attractive and easy on the eyes, while the gameplay is often fast paced. You will get the adrenaline pumping as you play through different gameplay modes.

The game’s virtual currency, V-Bucks, can be used to unlock new weapons, gear, and tools. Winning more V-Bucks can help you progress in the game and make it easier as you get better equipment.

You get to choose from a variety of guns and develop your playstyle according to how you want.

Also, building is an important aspect of Fortnite, as is shooting. You will often need to construct better structures if you want to get the upper hand against your enemies.

Ways to Play Fortnite

Making use of the same graphics engine, gameplay mechanics and art assets, Fortnite can be played in three different modes. These are as follows:

Fortnite Battle Royale: This has been, by far, the most popular mode in the game. Users in this mode grew so large that the company had to create a separate team of developers to manage it. This mode puts up to 100 players in a free for all deathmatch. You can play this going solo, in a duo, or as a group of three or four players. You start off from an airdrop. You are weaponless and without much equipment. The map will be filled with weapons, vehicles, and resources for you to use. You must get to them first and make your stand. Eliminating other players is just as important as building your own defenses. The full-scale maps are extremely large in the game. Over time, you will see the playable area shrink to smaller proportions. This was intended to encourage more players engaging each other. The last player, duo, or team left alive is declared the winner.

Fortnite Save the World: In this mode you need to co-operate with other players. Four players will need to work together to complete objectives and survive the new world they are. This world is set at a time when a storm has caused 98% of Earth’s people to vanish. Most of who remain have been transformed into zombies. Players must take on the role of warriors and commanders as they build shelters, scavenge for resources, and help human survivors. This mode rewards you with several in-game items that can be used to upgrade your character and enhance your experience.

Fortnite Creative: This mode is a sandbox game mode. Players are given complete freedom to spawn any and every item in the game and use it as they wish. Often used for practice and releasing ingenuity, this game mode bears many similarities to Minecraft. Players can create a multitude of games such as custom battle arenas, challenge levels, racing events, and much more.

Where to Download Fortnite?

If you’re looking to download this game, then look no further than the following links:

Android: https://www.epicgames.com/fortnite/en-US/mobile/android/get-started

IOS: https://apps.apple.com/app/fortnite/id1261357853

PC: https://www.epicgames.com/fortnite/download


Fortnite is a marvelous game that does a great job of keeping the player engaged and having fun. The community support from developer Epic Games has been astounding. New content and different Battle Royale seasons are exactly what gamers have asked for. A superb addition to any gamer’s collection!