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Coin Master


Download Coin Master and enjoy casual and mind-relaxing gameplay. You’ll be required to spin and win coins that you’ll use to build villages.

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DeveloperMoon Active
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Crucial Details about Coin Master

This is a single-player game developed by Moon Active. The casual game challenges you to win coins and build up villages. The more treasures you gather, the easier it’ll be for you to upgrade items and build sophisticated villages.

The Coin Master follows an adventure path that requires you to spin and win coins. The chances of winning the coins are determined by sheer luck! Each player will have a maximum of seven spinning attempts for every hour.

Nevertheless, you can be sure that the game is fun-filled. It was received positively by gaming enthusiasts. The game has over 80 million downloads and is the top game in many areas of Europe (including the United Kingdom and Germany).

As such, you shouldn’t hesitate to download this thrilling game. Challenge yourself into building some of the most sophisticated villages and invite your friends for tournaments.

How to Play Coin Master

The primary objective of this game is to acquire a fortune by building unique villages and upgrading your items. Immediately after joining the game, you’ll have the chance to build your first village. To achieve this, ensure that you click on the “BUILD button” and select the specific structure you want to build.
However, your success in building your village will depend on your coins bank. Do you have enough treasures to enable you to complete the task?

If not, then you shouldn’t worry since there are several ways that you can use to get the treasures. They include:

Spinning and Winning. You’ll have a chance to spin for seven times each hour. Every time you spin, you will win several coins. Although the number of coins you acquire will depend on luck, you should always aim at getting the maximum possible coins every time you spin.

Attacking Other Players. As the game progresses, you can attack other player’s villages and collect their fortunes. However, you should also be careful to safeguard your villages from counterattacks!

To safeguard your village, you’ll use shields and a powerful Rhino. Each player will have a maximum of five shields and a Rhino. Immediately after you attack your fellow player’s villages, you should expect a counterattack/ a revenge mission.

However, these attacks should never distract you from your main obligation! Always keep building new structures to ensure that you progress with the gameplay smoothly.

Every time you complete a structure, you will earn one star. You require a minimum of 20 stars to achieve your mission and start another village. The more villages you build, the juicier the gameplay becomes.

Highly Dynamic Game Levels

Coin Master casual game has many gaming levels, with each of them having unique features. The more you continue with the gameplay, the more sophisticated the gameplay will become.

You’ll only advance to the next village once you build yours entirely. Ensure that you win many stars to unlock more villages and enjoy a more thrilling gaming environment.

The game has more than 265 gaming levels for your enjoyment. To eliminate boredom, the villages are themed differently!

You’ll have more than 200 uniquely villages with themes ranging from Magical Forest, Coin Manor, LA Dreams, Hell’s Village, and Steampunk Land.

Every village has features such as transportation means, characters, homes, pets, and items of nature. This way, you’ll be able to personalize your village to suit your needs, thus eliminating monotony and any chance of boredom.

A Unique Card Collection Feature

If you want to succeed in this game, you’ll have no option but to find ways of accumulating your coins and treasures. Cognizant to this requirement, the developer made it possible for players to hunt for cards that’ll enable them to spin and win treasures.

As such, you should always gather/trade enough cards to get sufficient sets that you can use to win spins and improve your overall gaming experience.

There are numerous cards at your disposal. However, the cards differ in value with the most valuable being the rarest. Getting rare cards is difficult and will require hard work and determination.

Highly Entertaining Characters and Pets

Coin Master Game boasts of characters with unique features that make the game thrilling. It has a pig that’s available in all levels and it acts as the protagonist of the game.

Other characters are introduced as you continue with the gameplay. Some of the key characters you’ll encounter include witches, queens, wizards, and warriors. All these characters play a crucial role in the game and will leave you asking for more game time!

Additionally, this game offers three major pets, including Tiger, Foxy, and Rhino. These pets will help you to safeguard your villages while collecting more coins. If you want the best from them, you should treat them right by using XP potions.

The more treats you give them, the more alert they’ll be and the better the gameplay. Even better, these pets can lay eggs! You should ensure that you hatch them to increase their population and enjoy the gameplay even further.

Play With Friends

This game allows you to join an online community that allows you to trade your cards and collect more coins. You’ll join a Facebook community where you’ll meet experienced Viking friends and play against them to become the Coin Master’s Champion.

Where to Get Coin Master and the Price

If you want the best gaming experience, you should only get the game from reliable sources. This way, you’ll eliminate any chance of downloading malicious files. Here are the most reliable download sites:

• For Android: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.moonactive.coinmaster&hl=en

• For IOS: https://apps.apple.com/us/app/coin-master/id406889139

Downloading Coin Master is free. However, the game offers in-app purchases.


If you enjoy casual games, then you’ll be thrilled playing the latest version of Coin Master. The game challenges you to collect treasures and build unique villages. Ensure that you quickly earn the stars to progress to other villages.

It has superior graphics and topnotch sound systems for optimal enjoyment.