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Brawl Stars


Download Brawl Stars to battle in multiplayer modes against AI opponents, or other opponents. Unlock and upgrade different Brawlers.

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Analysis of the Game

Brawl Stars is an amazing video game that was developed and published by Supercell, which is a Finnish game company. This multiplayer game was first released on 12th December 2018 and made available for iOS and Android devices.

The design of this game was influenced by some of the most popular multiplayer games in the world today. This includes the League of Legends and Overwatch. Brawl Stars was designed mainly with mobile devices in mind.

It’s important to note that the game contains some of the elements you would find in a battle royale genre. However, the game was not set to have these elements, and they were included before the genre took off.

Supercell made the first announcement of the game on 14th June 2017 via a Livestream video. Brawl Stars is also famous for its long soft launch period. All the aspects of the game changed during this period. The iOS soft launch of the game was received the following day.

A period of 522 days was used for the soft launch. During this period, there were doubts about whether the release would be great or not.

The game was first designed to be played in portrait mode, with players constantly tapping their screen. This was later changed to the landscape mode with analog controls. The metagame was also changed, with the game being transitioned from 2D to 3D.

Brawl Stars has recorded great success globally today, and it made over $60 million within the first month.

There are several amazing things about this game, among which include the Brawl Stars Championship. This is a tournament that is open for players from different parts of the world. It is important to note that the championship was also developed by Supercell.

Brawl Stars Championship can be accessed by players aged 16 and above. It is made of monthly game challenges. These game challenges eventually lead to different online qualifier events. Players are able to secure a spot in the monthly finals through the monthly challenges.

It is the monthly finals that eventually lead to the World Finals of the Brawl Stars Championship. What’s amazing about the game is that it was nominated as the Mobile Game of the year. This nomination was made at the British Academy Games Awards, held on 4th April 2019 in London.

Exciting Gameplay

As mentioned above, this is an online battle arena game that is played in multiplayer modes. Brawl Stars can be played against AI opponents or other players in different parts of the world. The game offers different game modes to players. These are mostly 3v3 games, and they include:

Showdown : This is a fight for survival that requires players to gain power-ups for their Brawlers. In this mode, you can either play solo or against a friend. The main aim is to have the last surviving Brawler.

Gem Grab: To win this mode, players are to collect and maintain ten gems. Losing your gems in this mode will get you fragged.

Bounty: To win this mode, you’ll take out opponents, and earn stars. Your squad should have the highest number of stars to win.

Brawl Ball: It is this mode that allows players to display their soccer skills. The first squad to score two goals is declared the winner.

Heist: In this mode, your goal is to protect the safe of your team while you loot that of your enemies.

It is important to note that there is the championship challenge and special events in addition to these modes. Another thing to note is that there are different Brawlers to be unlocked by players. Players can then choose from these through the Brawl Pass, Brawl Boxes, and the Trophy Road.

Brawlers can also be selected through at the in-game shop where they can be purchased. One of the amazing things about the game is that Brawlers have special abilities. These abilities are built as they attack and destroy enemy Brawlers.

Every Brawler has its own Super ability. For example, complete heal ability, or spawning damage-dealing turret. There are two additional abilities for each Brawler, apart from the Super ability. This passive ability is known as Star Powers.

The Star Powers can be gotten in Brawl Boxes, or purchased at the game’s shop. However, players must have gotten to their maximum power level before they can get passive abilities.

It is important to note that players can unlock another ability, which is known as a Gadget. The gadget will only appear in the Brawl Boxes after a player gets to power level 7. These abilities can be used for a maximum of three times per match after they are unlocked.

There are several other amazing things about the game. One of the amazing things is that there are skins that can be purchased in the shop. These skins help to change the animation, appearance, and also the sound of brawlers.

As highlighted above, the game has different game modes. Each of these game modes has different objectives to be achieved by players. The game modes can be played with friends to build up teams containing the maximum number of players. This would however depend on the game mode that is played.

Where to Get the Game

Brawl Stars is undoubtedly an amazing game. More fun is gotten when played with friends. Visit the following sites if you want to download the game:

• Android: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.supercell.brawlstars&hl=en_US

• Apple Gadgets: https://apps.apple.com/us/app/brawl-stars/id1229016807


Download Brawl Stars now and start playing the different multiplayer game modes. Unlock and upgrade different Brawlers, and also use skins to change their appearance and make them unique.