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Download BitLife Mod APK and live the best of your digital life. Enjoy unlimited money to access paid items.

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Choose the Course of Your Life

Games are said to be one form of escape from the real world. What better way to maximize it than get full control of it in the virtual. BitLife – Life Simulator gives you the power to set the direction of your digital life the way you want it to be.

In starting a new life, you can choose to let the app randomly set your profile (e.g. gender, country of birth, parents, etc.) or customize it yourself. It follows the stages of life from birth, toddler years, teenage years, adult life, and even death.

The game is text-based in which you will be prompted with choices for every move. You start as a baby from 0-5 years. You add one year to your age every time you press the Age icon. You control the quality of your life through the activities you engage in. There are options to study, read in the library, exercise in the gym, or meditate.

There are various activities that eventually become available as you grow up. You can go clubbing, play in the casino, watch movies, go on a vacation, and more. Little incidents will pop up every now and then which may put you in an awkward or tense situation. You can choose to engage or avoid them.

Even relationships with your parents, partner, or potentially, kids are also covered by the game. You can ask money from your parents from time to time. The amount they give depends on the level of their generosity. Strengthen your relationship with your partner or family by spending time with them.

Simple and Intuitive Interface

The interface of BitLife is rather simple and intuitive. Despite this, it remains to be an interesting and entertaining game with its colorful interface. The icons are easy to understand and the whole layout is user-friendly.

Mod APK Features

Bitlife Mod APK 1.4 1 lets you enjoy the best of this life simulation app. Get the most of your virtual world and live the way you want to with Bitlife Mod APK unlimited money.

If you have always been a goody two-shoes in the real world, you can try living a rather risky life in this world. See how your life turns out if you choose to bum around or do something illegal such as robbing a bank. Should you regret your decisions, you can always go back in time using a Bitlife Mod APK time machine.

Bitlife Mod APK wendgames gives you access to in-app purchases without spending actual money. Get instant money to buy a car or real estate property with Bitlife Mod lottery. Luck will always be on your side when you have the power of Bitlife Mod APK always win lottery.

Put the excitement in your mobile device with a Bitlife APK download.